Coolest Dog Ever!!!
heavy metal dog
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Album Art

Too much of head banging and a little bit of intoxication inspired (mind the bold and italics) my pal Gautam, to come up with quite a few interesting pieces of Album Art. Looking for your feedback before we actually put one of them it in our debut album cover. :o)

Oh…BTW, if you want to use it for you’re debut album cover – ask him to get inspired more often

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Megadeth Set List

What songs are Megadeth will play in India this March? I just got hold of Megadeth’s set list for India. Guys, download the lyrics and mug them well. Mustaine should be proud of us!

01. Sleepwalker
02. Take No Prisoners
03. Wake Up Dead
04. Skin O’ My Teeth
05. Washington Is Next!
06. Kick The Chair
07. In My Darkest Hour
08. Hangar 18
09. Gears Of War
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Tornado Of Souls
12. Ashes In Your Mouth
13. Never Walk Alone
14. Symphony Of Destruction
15. Trust
16. Peace Sells
17. Burnt Ice
18. Holy Wars

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Killer road leads to India

Now here’s another biggie! After Iron Maiden and Scorpions, this time it’s one of the Big Four of thrash metal – Megadeth. I came across this piece of information that they are coming to Bangalore! How cool is that! Here’s a screen grab for you!!

Gawd…I already got Goosebumps.

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Sepultura – Chaos AD in the capital

I was dying to share my experience of the Sepultura concert with you guys but my house-hunting expedition seems to have taken up all my time. So finally I am here…blabbering away to glory about the gig.

To be honest…Delhi is no place for an out and out metal show. The show was held in some amphitheater in Pragati Maidan. I was shocked at the tinny winny size of the venue, but the organizers seems to be quite familiar with the capital crowd who are least bothered about ‘real’ rock and metal apart from making funny faces and shouting “you ROCK man” (How Stupid). There were hardly 2000 people in the whole arena (compared to 10 times more turn out in Shillong and Bangalore). Mostly were students and North-Eastern.

Sepultura was kick ass – as expected, churning out hits after hits, starting with ‘Refuse – Resist’ and finally winding up with ‘Roots’. The new drummer (forgot his name) was goooood, but I was really expecting a drum solo at some point of time. Missed the authentic Brazilian instruments too – which the metal outfit generally include in their shows. But these petty things hardly matters and we – me and a few of fellow head bangers whom I meet up for every gig in town, made sure that had a good time. Ultimately, came out of the show with a sore neck, throat and splitting headache – SUCCESS!

Now the goof ups.

Entry was supposed to be from 4:30 and we were there religiously there at around 4. But we had to stand there till about 7:30 – way beyond the official starting time to enter the arena.

Opening band Metakix was a major fuck off. No way, are they eligible to open for a band like Sepultura. Whatever happened to all the metal bands in India? The vocalist (err…I am bad with names!) said something about little time for sound check and all that jazz. Excuses apart, as a WARM UP band, they simply failed to deliver.

The crowd had no clue what songs were being played. More than true metal head, the place seems to be filled with wannabes with a spare evening…trying hard to be cool by coming to a rock show. No matter how many times it was announced that the crowd rocked…as a part of it, I admit…that we sucked…BIG TIME.

Now some behind the scene…

There was this woman who kept on asking a ‘cool dude’ in pony why are all dressed in black? The poor soul, seem to be at loss trying to explain the association of the color Black with Metal.

Bang next to the venue, there was a marriage going on…so while coming out, Bollywood masala mixes from it was a rude shock (So much for head bang – welcome to reality!)

This one is the clincher…

Hot babe in short skirt and hooker boots, standing on the line…asks her friend “Do they play rock?”

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The longest rock festival in India

Get ready to be thunderstruck by Shark Tooth Live Storms – the longest rock festival in India! Starting 24, October 2007 through February 08, the storm will blow over five cities – Bombay, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. Over 72 bands from all rock sub-genres possible performing in Pub and auditorium gigs (electric and unplugged), followed by a grand outdoor finale in Mumbai in February 08.

Event sponsored by Shark Tooth and managed by Conditions Apply – a Bombay Rock Association and An Echo collaboration.

Catch the launch gig on Oct 24 at Sports Bar 7.30 pm onwards. Bands playing – Vayu, Dream Out Loud, Something Relevant and Imaad Shah. Entry is free 🙂

Here is the complete schedule for all the cities…


24-Oct-07 Dream Out Loud, Vayu, Something Relevant, Imaad Shah
Sports Bar, Lower Parel

8-Nov-07 Tribute To The Doors: One Night Only, Sparsh
Not Just Jazz By The Bay, Churchgate

5-Dec-07 Scribe, Skincold, Infernal Wrath
Razz, Juhu

13-Dec-07 Groovelab, Aftertaste, Sliver
Bond, Mulund

23-Dec-07 Metakix, Redemption, Blackhole Theory
Marine Centre, Vashi

28-Dec-07 Junkyard Groove, The Superfuzz, Something Relevant, Lionnel Mascarenhas, The Works
St. Andrew’s, Bandra

5-Jan-08 Depths, 5th Octave, Red Cube, Surface Trauma, Avial
Bond, Mulund

17-Jan-08 Split, Human Abstract, Medusa, Rainvan, Tripwire
Razz, Juhu

25-Jan-08 Unplugged: Zero, Split, Vayu, Imaad Shah
St. Andrew’s, Bandra



22-Nov-07 Half Step Down, Level 9, Lazy River
Cafe Morrison, South Ex. II

9-Dec-07 Unplugged: Thermal And A Quarter, Them Clones, Junkyard Groove
Hamsadhwani, Pragati Maidan

14-Dec-07 The Superfuzz, Cyanide, another band
Aquifer, M-Block Mkt. GK-II

13-Jan-08 Metakix, IIIrd Sovereign, Rest In Peace
Cafe Morrison, South Ex. II

3-Feb-08 Frequency, Another Vertigo Rush, another band
Opus, Priya Complex



1-Nov-07 Retrolegendary Act, Strange Brew, Trees On Fire
Soul Avenue, ABC Farms

23-Nov-07 Half Step Down, Headrush, Unbound
Not Just Jazz By The Bay, E-Square

7-Dec-07 Junkyard Groove, Zero, Lionnel Mascarenhas
Oasis, Kothrud

13-Dec-07 Black Hole Theory, Infernal Wrath, Metakix, Drakkon
Zaha, Kothrud

21-Dec-07 Aftertaste, Silver, Sparsh, Groovelab
Not Just Jazz By The Bay, E-Square

11-Jan-08 Unplugged: Brute Force, Vayu, Split, another band
Oasis, Kothrud

7-Feb-08 Demonic Resurrection, Brute Force, Depths Of Sufferings
Zaha, Kothrud



4-Nov-2007 Myndsnare, Extinct Reflections, Metakix
Legends Of Rock, Koramangala

15-Nov-2007 Unplugged: Thermal And A Quarter, Caesar’s Palace, Drum Circle with Roberto Narayan, Something Relevant
Alliance Francias, Vasanthanagar

30-Nov-2007 Tribute to Jimi Hendrix: Ministry Of Blues, another band
Le Rock, Off-Brigade Road

9-Dec-2007 Myndsnare, Kryptos, another band
Legends Of Rock, Koramangala

21-Dec-2007 Avial, Parousia, Pushing Tin
Le Rock, Off-Brigade Road

6-Jan-2008 Fahreheit, Inner Sanctum, Bhoomi
Legends Of Rock, Koramangala

19-Jan-2008 Myndsnare, Kryptos, Extinct Reflections, Demonic Resurrection
Guru Nanak Bhavan, Near Cantonement Station

1-Feb-2008 Caesar’s Palace, Lounge Piranha
Le Rock, Off-Brigade Road



17-Nov-2007 Lou Majaw, Imaad Shah
Someplace Else, Park Street

24-Nov-2007 Span, Insomnia
Someplace Else, Park Street

15-Dec-2007 Cassini’s Division, Jack Rabbit, another band
Princeton Club, Prince Anwar Shah Road

22-Dec-2007 Crystal And The Witches, The Supersonics
Princeton Club, Prince Anwar Shah Road

29-Dec-2007 Unplugged: Span, Cassini’s Division, The Hobos
CCFC, Gurusaday Road

12-Jan-2008 The Hobos, Five Little Indians, another band
Princeton Club, Prince Anwar Shah Road

19-Jan-2008 Pink Noise, Five Little Indians

2-Feb-2008 Skinny Alley, Krosswindz, Insomnia
CCFC, Gurusaday Road

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Sepultura to visit the ROOTs of civilization

That’s what I’m talkin bout…

Its official now.

Sepultura this time…and not just in the perennial Bangalore, but in Delhi and Shillong too!!! Now that’s a start…wonder whatever happened to RHCP rumors.

Ppl…its time to grab one of those black sepultura T’s and hope they start selling tickets soon…

Update… Sepultura tickets should be available in TICKETPRO. Here’s their banner that I found out

Just hope they don’t burn up my wallet!

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