GIR 2010 schedule and tickets

It’s the time of the year that the Delhi metalheads wait for eagerly through the year for a decent open air rock show. It’s such a shame that such shows are not regular. Now that I think of it, if you happen to be a tee-to-taller and have completed your studies, there is not one place to go and enjoy a live band except for the GIR.

As was in the case of the previous GIRs, Bangalore gets the best bands to perform in the two day event Meshuggah on 18th and Purified in Blood, Tesseract & Enslaved on 19 December on Palace Grounds.

Delhi’s schedule is just the opposite of that of Bangalore’s. Purified in Blood, Tesseract & Enslaved on the 18th and Meshuggah on 19th December. I have a couple of Undying Inc guys on my Facebook list. They seem to be pretty psyched up about opening for Meshuggah and rightly so! Apart from the shows in Hansdhwani Open Air, there is also a series of GIR club gig in the NCR region.

Kolkatta is a single day event (17th Dec) headlining Purified in Blood in Nicco Park.

Pune is the new favourite of the LOUD fraternity – evident from the just concluded NH7 fest. The GIR 2010 here is a single day event but an incredible line up of bands – Tesseract, Enslaved AND Meshuggah!

You can buy your tickets online at Kyazoonga or look for the list of retail outlets in your city.

Stay Loud!


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