Album Art

Too much of head banging and a little bit of intoxication inspired (mind the bold and italics) my pal Gautam, to come up with quite a few interesting pieces of Album Art. Looking for your feedback before we actually put one of them it in our debut album cover. :o)

Oh…BTW, if you want to use it for you’re debut album cover – ask him to get inspired more often


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6 Responses to Album Art

  1. sunny_raju says:

    Design is really good, font colours of is in our hands can be different n highlighting

  2. Unknown User says:

    What a shame Gautam doesn’t have a blog of his own :(What a waste@sunny_raju: I’ve told him already!@trailblazer: Creator says thanks a lot (and something else…but I was a bit inspired this time around)

  3. manorathan says:

    cool designs man.. rock on!!my randomness in my ramblings can b explained only whn i get a random thought f reasonin..wil buzz u wit that random thought..

  4. ankur says:

    really good design. Emo scene layout

  5. Grey says:

    Thats awesome album cover .. do you guys have a myspace page or something?

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