Sepultura – Chaos AD in the capital

I was dying to share my experience of the Sepultura concert with you guys but my house-hunting expedition seems to have taken up all my time. So finally I am here…blabbering away to glory about the gig.

To be honest…Delhi is no place for an out and out metal show. The show was held in some amphitheater in Pragati Maidan. I was shocked at the tinny winny size of the venue, but the organizers seems to be quite familiar with the capital crowd who are least bothered about ‘real’ rock and metal apart from making funny faces and shouting “you ROCK man” (How Stupid). There were hardly 2000 people in the whole arena (compared to 10 times more turn out in Shillong and Bangalore). Mostly were students and North-Eastern.

Sepultura was kick ass – as expected, churning out hits after hits, starting with ‘Refuse – Resist’ and finally winding up with ‘Roots’. The new drummer (forgot his name) was goooood, but I was really expecting a drum solo at some point of time. Missed the authentic Brazilian instruments too – which the metal outfit generally include in their shows. But these petty things hardly matters and we – me and a few of fellow head bangers whom I meet up for every gig in town, made sure that had a good time. Ultimately, came out of the show with a sore neck, throat and splitting headache – SUCCESS!

Now the goof ups.

Entry was supposed to be from 4:30 and we were there religiously there at around 4. But we had to stand there till about 7:30 – way beyond the official starting time to enter the arena.

Opening band Metakix was a major fuck off. No way, are they eligible to open for a band like Sepultura. Whatever happened to all the metal bands in India? The vocalist (err…I am bad with names!) said something about little time for sound check and all that jazz. Excuses apart, as a WARM UP band, they simply failed to deliver.

The crowd had no clue what songs were being played. More than true metal head, the place seems to be filled with wannabes with a spare evening…trying hard to be cool by coming to a rock show. No matter how many times it was announced that the crowd rocked…as a part of it, I admit…that we sucked…BIG TIME.

Now some behind the scene…

There was this woman who kept on asking a ‘cool dude’ in pony why are all dressed in black? The poor soul, seem to be at loss trying to explain the association of the color Black with Metal.

Bang next to the venue, there was a marriage going on…so while coming out, Bollywood masala mixes from it was a rude shock (So much for head bang – welcome to reality!)

This one is the clincher…

Hot babe in short skirt and hooker boots, standing on the line…asks her friend “Do they play rock?”


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3 Responses to Sepultura – Chaos AD in the capital

  1. Realty Rider says:

    Good job… check out mine

  2. Shayan says:

    “Do they play rock?”lol!!!wat was that[:O]Ya I know the audience count 4 the whole India tour totalled around 8500 or something(shillong leg’s organiser Keith Wallang told me that) with the highest being 4500 in B’luru[:P]

  3. The clincher.. my man.. indeed that was the best one…Shillong’s rock scenario cannot be compared to any of the Indian cities. I remember an erstwhile Indian Band “Killer Tomatoes” commenting on how they were amazed to realise that the taxi driver escorting them knew more about rock and death metal than they did…Good initiative in the blog mate… Will look for more updates.

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