The longest rock festival in India

Get ready to be thunderstruck by Shark Tooth Live Storms – the longest rock festival in India! Starting 24, October 2007 through February 08, the storm will blow over five cities – Bombay, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. Over 72 bands from all rock sub-genres possible performing in Pub and auditorium gigs (electric and unplugged), followed by a grand outdoor finale in Mumbai in February 08.

Event sponsored by Shark Tooth and managed by Conditions Apply – a Bombay Rock Association and An Echo collaboration.

Catch the launch gig on Oct 24 at Sports Bar 7.30 pm onwards. Bands playing – Vayu, Dream Out Loud, Something Relevant and Imaad Shah. Entry is free 🙂

Here is the complete schedule for all the cities…


24-Oct-07 Dream Out Loud, Vayu, Something Relevant, Imaad Shah
Sports Bar, Lower Parel

8-Nov-07 Tribute To The Doors: One Night Only, Sparsh
Not Just Jazz By The Bay, Churchgate

5-Dec-07 Scribe, Skincold, Infernal Wrath
Razz, Juhu

13-Dec-07 Groovelab, Aftertaste, Sliver
Bond, Mulund

23-Dec-07 Metakix, Redemption, Blackhole Theory
Marine Centre, Vashi

28-Dec-07 Junkyard Groove, The Superfuzz, Something Relevant, Lionnel Mascarenhas, The Works
St. Andrew’s, Bandra

5-Jan-08 Depths, 5th Octave, Red Cube, Surface Trauma, Avial
Bond, Mulund

17-Jan-08 Split, Human Abstract, Medusa, Rainvan, Tripwire
Razz, Juhu

25-Jan-08 Unplugged: Zero, Split, Vayu, Imaad Shah
St. Andrew’s, Bandra



22-Nov-07 Half Step Down, Level 9, Lazy River
Cafe Morrison, South Ex. II

9-Dec-07 Unplugged: Thermal And A Quarter, Them Clones, Junkyard Groove
Hamsadhwani, Pragati Maidan

14-Dec-07 The Superfuzz, Cyanide, another band
Aquifer, M-Block Mkt. GK-II

13-Jan-08 Metakix, IIIrd Sovereign, Rest In Peace
Cafe Morrison, South Ex. II

3-Feb-08 Frequency, Another Vertigo Rush, another band
Opus, Priya Complex



1-Nov-07 Retrolegendary Act, Strange Brew, Trees On Fire
Soul Avenue, ABC Farms

23-Nov-07 Half Step Down, Headrush, Unbound
Not Just Jazz By The Bay, E-Square

7-Dec-07 Junkyard Groove, Zero, Lionnel Mascarenhas
Oasis, Kothrud

13-Dec-07 Black Hole Theory, Infernal Wrath, Metakix, Drakkon
Zaha, Kothrud

21-Dec-07 Aftertaste, Silver, Sparsh, Groovelab
Not Just Jazz By The Bay, E-Square

11-Jan-08 Unplugged: Brute Force, Vayu, Split, another band
Oasis, Kothrud

7-Feb-08 Demonic Resurrection, Brute Force, Depths Of Sufferings
Zaha, Kothrud



4-Nov-2007 Myndsnare, Extinct Reflections, Metakix
Legends Of Rock, Koramangala

15-Nov-2007 Unplugged: Thermal And A Quarter, Caesar’s Palace, Drum Circle with Roberto Narayan, Something Relevant
Alliance Francias, Vasanthanagar

30-Nov-2007 Tribute to Jimi Hendrix: Ministry Of Blues, another band
Le Rock, Off-Brigade Road

9-Dec-2007 Myndsnare, Kryptos, another band
Legends Of Rock, Koramangala

21-Dec-2007 Avial, Parousia, Pushing Tin
Le Rock, Off-Brigade Road

6-Jan-2008 Fahreheit, Inner Sanctum, Bhoomi
Legends Of Rock, Koramangala

19-Jan-2008 Myndsnare, Kryptos, Extinct Reflections, Demonic Resurrection
Guru Nanak Bhavan, Near Cantonement Station

1-Feb-2008 Caesar’s Palace, Lounge Piranha
Le Rock, Off-Brigade Road



17-Nov-2007 Lou Majaw, Imaad Shah
Someplace Else, Park Street

24-Nov-2007 Span, Insomnia
Someplace Else, Park Street

15-Dec-2007 Cassini’s Division, Jack Rabbit, another band
Princeton Club, Prince Anwar Shah Road

22-Dec-2007 Crystal And The Witches, The Supersonics
Princeton Club, Prince Anwar Shah Road

29-Dec-2007 Unplugged: Span, Cassini’s Division, The Hobos
CCFC, Gurusaday Road

12-Jan-2008 The Hobos, Five Little Indians, another band
Princeton Club, Prince Anwar Shah Road

19-Jan-2008 Pink Noise, Five Little Indians

2-Feb-2008 Skinny Alley, Krosswindz, Insomnia
CCFC, Gurusaday Road


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  1. pallavi says:

    hi… you got any contact number of the person concerned whom i can speak to regarding the sharktooth… thanx

  2. pallavi says:

    at… it would be great help…

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