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So guys…here I am, with the next section of the Top 5 rock artists that kicked the bucket before their prime. As I had mentioned in my last blog, our selection is based on just three metal heads preferences and understanding, there is plenty of room for further debate and brainstorming. We have a whole comment section for that! However, the next person on this countdown was an unanimous decision – if you dare to differ, we can slog it out!!! (lolz)

Jimi Hendrix: (27 Nov 1942 – 18 Sept 1970) – the son of six strings

This American had an extra body part which had strings and a fret board. The way this wizard wielded his Fender Stratocaster, one is bound to regard it as an extension of his body. His hands were long enough to fret across all six strings with his thumb. So, he used to play rhythm and solo simultaneously (awesomely wicked…ain’t it?). This lanky guy who slept while on duty, had little regard for regulations and showed no skill as a marksman while serving the army, turned out to be the greatest guitarist of all times

From experimenting with psychedelic sounds and blues jazz or funk based rhythms to stereophonic and phasing out effects – the master craftsman was synonymous with improvisation. From covers of popular songs like ‘Hey Joe’ and ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ to original masterpieces like Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, Voodoo Child and Angel – Jimi Hendrix always managed to give much more than anybody’s expectation. During the legendary 1969’s Woodstock music festival, Young Jimi delivered a historic performance that includes his version of the Star Spangled Banner – a solo improvisation which became a defining moment of the 60s.


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