Wish you were here

‘Only the good die young
All the evil seems to live forever’

They came…they excite us…blew away our mind…and quickly fade away to the background, leaving us high and dry, gasping for more. Rock and Roll (& everything under it) have innumerable examples of young prodigies who broke barriers, tested new waters and have made a mark on their respective fields. Here’s the five guys that we miss the most.

Jim Morrison: (8 Dec 1943 – 3 July 1971) – the rebel poet

Jim Morrison (8 Dec 1943 – 3 July 1971)

A singer, song writer, film director, writer but most importantly…a poet. Jim Morrison is probably the most influential and charismatic front man of all times, inspiring innumerable singers and bands all over the world including me! (not that I am a singer or in a band, but guess what…I am writing this up). His best known works are with the legendary band The Doors, where he wrote and sang amazing songs and fucked pretty looking groupies! This man has a lot to do with the rock star image. From being surly, mysterious, scandalous to his penchant for leather pants – Jim Morrison IS the Original rock star.

Controversy was Morrison’s middle name. Right from inflammatory lyrics asking one to ‘Kill your father and F@ck your mother’ till the very end of his life – his mysterious death in Paris, Jim Morrison always had the driven the system nuts!! After all, that’s what it is all about. Stickin’ it up to the Man.


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