What a fuck!n’ day!!!

You’ve to go through the fire of hell to be worthy enough of God’s love. The scene was no different when I traveled around 2000 kilometers to see my Gods perform live. An orgasmic dream since my early days of head banging – Iron Maiden performing in India!!!

We’re at Palace Ground at around 11 to find ourselves among metal-heads waiting there since 6 in the morning! ‘Phuck, we’re late’ – we thought. We ran like hell to the entry when some ‘ars-hole’ announced, ‘gates gonna be opened soon’. Between possessed Maiden fans and the unrelenting security guys, time could only crawl. 2 hours passed. I thought I’d die in the heat, sweat, smell, dust, smoke!!! My bladder was about to burst.

Finally the gates opened and the mad race was on. I was lucky enough to survive the stampede, even luckier to get to the first row! A wild evening followed that left me with a sore throat, headache, a pair of tired legs and a really painful neck from all the head banging. But when Bruce Dickinson said about ‘being there at the beginning’ all my pain faded away. Today when I sit down in the comfort of my room and write this piece of ‘sheet’, there’s just one feeling in my heart – It was worth it!

Up the Irons!


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